4 Ways of Telling Your Story Using the Video Content Your Audience Demands

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Recent Statistics Show That 95 Percent Of Executives Agreed That Video Was An Important And Valuable Form Of Content.

Over 70 percent of respondents stated that video was a better conversion tool than other types of content. Should you decide to go behind the camera and make your business video, here are some key steps to ensure that you produce a compelling product that effectively conveys your message and creates a strong connection with your target audience:

Take a Sales-Free Approach – Steer clear of anything that looks like an infomercial and tell your story in a way that resonates with your audience.

Write and Re-Write – Make sure your content is well-written and applicable to your audience. It is important to use proper industry terminology and, most importantly, to stay away from jargon.

Think Out-of-the-Box – Try making your video more engaging by mixing it up with some animation or stop motion. Tools for creating these elements are readily available today and will help add quality to your video.

Quality Over Quantity – Creating one high-quality video is more engaging and offers better ROI than pumping out multiple lower-quality videos.

Above all, you must remember to never lose sight of your target audience. A video aimed at Wall Street investors should vastly differ from a video targeting Baby Boomers. The audience should dictate the tone and feel of your video.