6 Out-of-Office Places to Work

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With Today’s Technology, You No Longer Have
To Be At Your Desk To Get Work Done.

Many entrepreneurs say that they are actually more productive when they are working outside of the traditional office environment. If that’s you, then take a look at these six places you may want to try out:

  1. The Car

Many entrepreneurs say that they get a lot of work done in the car. It is a great place to take conference calls or hold Skype meetings because you are free from any distractions and it is quiet. Just be sure that you are parked before you begin to work in your car!

  1. The Coffee Shop

A coffee shop is actually a great place to get work done! This is partly because it somewhat simulates an office, except no one will interrupt you. It is also a great place to BREW creativity, pun intended!

  1. The Park

If you are someone who has difficulty focusing in a chaotic environment, then maybe you would enjoy the peaceful surroundings of your local park. The only issue you might find is that there is generally no Wi-Fi at the park, but a mobile hotspot can fix that! If you are looking for a fresh, peaceful place to really dig in, the park might be the answer.

  1. The Train

If you are a commuter, then you know that getting work done on a train is a cinch. Nowadays there is free Wi-Fi on most trains, so internet access is not an issue. First thing in the morning you are alert and ready to get down to business, so why not make the most of your morning energy and get some work done before you get to the office?

  1. Hotel Room

Although it may not have all the comforts of home, a hotel room can be a fantastic work space. What is unique about hotel rooms is you can completely control the amount of distractions. The best part is that you have no one knocking on your door…except maybe room service! So why not get comfy and get crackin’?

  1. The Library

If you are not one for the great outdoors, but are still looking for a peaceful place to do work, the library might be the place for you. There are no phones ringing, Wi-Fi is free, and everyone is quiet. And if you need a little inspiration, you can always browse the bookshelves.

So, if you are trying to be productive but need a change of scenery, any of these places may be a good fit. There are probably dozens of other places that could serve as an “office”. It all depends on where you focus best and what inspires you.