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David Spina was born in sunny San Diego, California, the second oldest of four children. His parents owned a thriving construction company but when the recession hit in the early 90’s, they moved their family to Texas, when David was 13-years-old. David graduated high school from Fort Worth Christian and then attended college in Oklahoma where he graduated from Oral Roberts University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance. He then moved back to Fort Worth, bought a home and worked as a financial consultant, selling and managing insurance and annuities.david

After several years in the finance industry, David grew tired of the commute, traffic and working straight commission, living paycheck to paycheck. A man that worked across the hallway invited David to hear a business opportunity with a new start up network marketing company in the energy industry. David drove to the corporate offices in downtown Dallas to attend a business presentation by the owners. They showed him their new company, a direct selling company targeting residential and commercial electricity customers. David had no prior network marketing experience so he was initially skeptical, but when he reviewed the residual income potential on the compensation plan, he was sold. He saw the future linking a commodity to income: every time one of his electric customers paid their bill, he would get paid, month after month after month.

David was only 25-years-old when he joined his first, and only, network marketing company in August 2006. Undaunted by his young age or any “no’s” along the way, he plunged ahead with grit and determination. David’s whys were stronger then any of the rejections. Despite any experience in MLM, David rose to a full time 6 figure income in less the 18 months. In less than five years after joining the business, David promoted to the highest pin level in his company and broke 7 figures in career earnings. That same year, David also became his company’s youngest millionaire. Today, David is still the youngest top pinned leader and a multi-million dollar earner.

David has only ever been in 1 network marketing company & in 2015, broke his 9th year. . He has over 80,000 customers & distributors in his downline and has been a Top Ten money earner. He is a Comma Club Member and Millionaire Club Member.
Although David has achieved great financial success with his business, he is most grateful to his company for allowing him to meet his future wife. The first year of his business, David met his future wife, Leah, at an company business presentation. He was speaking and she was sitting on the front row. She became a consultant and they soon started dating.

Today David resides in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. David and Leah have been married six years and spend most of their time chasing after their two children, Samson, age four, and Esther, age one. This summer the parents will be officially outnumbered when baby number three arrives. They attend Gateway church and host a church small group. When David is not working, he enjoys biathlon competitions, big game hunting and playing ice hockey.

David is also an extremely successful business strategist and thought leader. David speaks across America on entrepreneurship, business development and sales training.

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