How to Change the Status of a Goal from “Set” to “Achieved”

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We Each Have Different Dreams We Wish To Fulfill In Our Lifetimes,
But How Do We Go About Beginning Them?


We cannot do it all at once. Instead, we must take on smaller, actionable goals that will eventually lead us to accomplishing the big objectives.

In order to change the status of your goals from “set” to “achieved”, here are some steps you must follow:

Be Specific – Instead of mere resolutions, turn your goals into specific actions. Repeat these actions until they become habits. People break their resolutions all the time, but habits are much harder to break.

Get Your Mind Right  Whether you believe your goals are too far out of reach, or perfectly attainable, you are right. You have to get your mind in the right place when it comes to your goals. Whichever direction you set your mind in, your goals will follow.

Seek Out Coaching and Accountability  Accountability turns those with drive and commitment into athletes. This is true of your life goals as well. Seek out a coach or a mentor who can hold you accountable and help you become the professional “athlete” you want to be.

They say it takes 28 days to form a habit and only a single moment to break it. It’s not enough just to be a goal-setter, you have to be a goal-keeper – you must stick with your goals if you want to make them a reality. It’s imperative that you remain specific and disciplined in your thinking, and seek someone who will hold you accountable, in order to succeed. Keep moving forward, even when your feelings tell you otherwise.